A playful design studio with a
human-centric approach
to digital products creation

Two of us were starting the company, but the name can be understood also as cooperation between two sides of the project.

The playful design is something that drives our thinking. Someone may say it is just another word for gamification, but we are far from that. It is our creative method on the verge of software and game development.

Some want to stay hungry, others to stay foolish, but our main principle is to stay empathic. You are happy, we happy.

What We Did

Selection of our projects that we are allowed to show.

Our method

Our design method emerges from game development. We believe that the whole user experience field has common roots with game design - overall, the first level of Super Mario Bros. is a perfect example of how to onboard a user into the new software.
All in all, we can dig into all of the following areas at once, or do them independently. Your call.


qualitative and quantitative
experimental and experiential


player/user-centered design
low and high fidelity protypes
MVP boss fights
Machine Learning fireworks


expert audit
long-run analysis

The Beer Game: remake of classic simulation boardgame

World of Startups: concept of edu game that explains typical errors in startups environment


PWA app created to help during first wave of COVID-19 to support and help medics with custom printed adapters for retail full-face masks (i.e. snorkeling masks). First version was ready after 6h. You can find it here


HiFive! an app that supports onboarding process of new employees

Research portfolio

Research protfolio of Joanna Kwiatek, post-doc researcher at Rutgers University

Korba Games

Cute but simple page of our sub-brand Korba Games. Prepared to suit and promote latest game in the works.


Clean design in terms of visuals and information architecture is something we follow with each webpage. Our latest project was a redesign of Kayax Publishing.

Machine Learning image recognition

Walking the bleeding edge of Machine Learning (including Deep Learning) complemented with latest development in classical methods is our way to stay ahead of the game in our Data Science endeavours. Our latest project was confocal microscopy image analysis for innovative biotech company.

The Team

Karolina is an UX designer with 5 years of experience in various products (e.g. Memrise app).

Michal since 2012 work in education where he designs and produces games and simulations.

Since April 2020 we are happy to welcome second Michal who is a Data Scientist with strong background in biotech. Our next step is to join forces for fancier problem solving.

Last but not least - Ewa. She was always close to our team but officially joined in July 2020. Her extensive knowledge about digital media production enriches each of our projects.

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